L. I. Group has the highest client interest in area of ​​criminal law : protection of clients from fraudulent actions of debtors, cases of pressure from public authorities, encroachment on property rights and legitimate interests, use of “dirty” methods of competition and extensive experience in anti-raiding activities.

Our services:

  • Criminally protected creditors against unscrupulous debtors:

1. Audit of activity of the head of the bankrupt, making of the fact of bringing to bankruptcy, fulfilling criminal tasks

2. Violation and support of proceedings in case with illegal actions against mortgaged property

3. Arrest of debtor’s property, incl. the corporate rights of its owners

  • Compensation for damage caused by a crime
  • Protection against criminal law mechanisms of pressure

1. Building the least vulnerable ownership structure and management of the company

2. Ensuring information security

3. Individual preparation for possible follow-up actions (search and seizure, interrogation)

4. Closing unreasonably disturbed proceedings

5. Appeals against asset seizure, arrest and detention.

  • Protection in tax audits, protection against tax prosecution
  • Comprehensive subscriber service (legal monitoring, preventive measures, defense and representation in criminal proceedings)
  • Protecting the client’s clients in the European Court of Human Rights, supporting the investigation of the decision:

1. Filling in the form

2.  Communication

3. Ensuring the enforcement of the judgment of the European Court of Justice L.I. Group works throughout Ukraine and can provide high-quality legal support throughout the world. The company has no limits.