L.I.Group Law Firm regularly develops its expertise to meet the highest standards of legal services. The best proof of this being the right path forward and the strategy of the Firm is the presence of the Firm’s lawyers at the forefront of national and international rankings. One of such victories is the recognition of L.I.Group’s senior partner Mykola Kovalchuk as one of the best lawyers in the “Litigation” nomination in the international ranking of The Best Lawyers in Ukraine 2022.

It should be noted that Mykola Kovalchuk has been ranked in this nomination for the second time in a row.

The Best Lawyers ranking has been published annually since 1983, and since 2006 it has become international. Since then, the ranking of the best lawyers in the fields is published in more than 70 countries. Recognition of Mykola Kovalchuk among the best lawyers in the “Litigation” category is the result of hard and diligent work. In addition, it is also proof of market recognition, as the methodology for recognizing the top lawyers is based solely on the assessment of other legal experts.

Specialists of The Best Lawyers registered Mykola Kovalchuk as a nominee, after which voting for the nominees took place. Absolutely all ballots and information are confidential, and only recognized lawyers are entitled to vote. Mykola Kovalchuk received a sufficient number of votes and positive feedback from experts, as a result of which he was included in the list of top experts.

This year lawyers were nominated in 61 practices in the ranking of The Best Lawyers in Ukraine 2022. As compared to the previous year, new practices have been added: migration law, product quality litigation, civil law and employee benefits. However, the value of a lawyer’s personal brand remains unchanged. The ranking of The Best Lawyers in Ukraine 2022 noted that personal reputation and positioning among colleagues in the modern market of legal services is highly valued.